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We can help install or repair any and all types of lighting fixtures so that you won’t have to work/play in the dark.




Electrical Panel Repair

Atline Electric can repair or replace your electrical panel. Prompt and affordable, we service both residential and commercial electric panels.

Service Type: Electrical Panel Repair

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Are you looking for electrical panel repair or replacement in Lakeland or Winter Haven?

Look no further! Electrical panel repairs are our specialty at Atline Electric Services. Whether you need a simple repair or maintenance, or a complete electric panel replacement, we’re standing by to provide you with prompt, affordable, and dependable service to get you the power you need. We also troubleshoot and inspect electrical panel problems. Call for service.

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Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel Replacement in Lakeland and Winter Havan, FL

Circuit Breaker Boxes & Breaker Replacement

As electrical devices become more technologically advanced, our homes must adapt. Many home electrical systems cannot support today’s high-powered devices. The main electrical panel upgrades by Atline Electric Services will ensure that you are getting the most out of your home’s electrical system.

Electrical panel upgrades will also help avoid electrical hazards. The average lifespan of a home is now more than 35 years. Many homes were built before most of today’s electrical appliances and gadgets were invented. The steady increase in consumer electronic use and home energy consumption means that the electrical systems in many older homes can quickly become overloaded.

The solution is a circuit breaker replacement performed by a qualified electrician at Atline Electric.

Is your home powered adequately?

Call Atline Electric’s certified electricians for a free evaluation. Act now to update your home with the appropriate electrical circuit breakers and be on your way to secure, care-free, and continuous electricity.

From the moment you wake up with your alarm clock, you begin your daily routine with electricity. You use the water heater, the hairdryer, the refrigerator, the coffee maker, the toaster, the computer, the sprinkler system, the air conditioner, and the list keeps growing. Now is the time to upgrade your home’s circuitry to ensure that your home can support your electrical needs without the risk of a fire. 




Got new project? Well look no further. We can get you going in the right direction.

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