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"Keeping the Power Switched On"
"Keeping the Power Switched On"

Decorative Lighting in Central Florida

Lighting in your home or office controls the atmosphere. Here at Atline Electric, we offer LED lighting solutions as well as installing any light fixture or ceiling fan. We specialize in Chandeliers, High Ceiling Lighting, Recessed/ Track Lighting, and Landscape Lighting. No matter your design, we can assist with the placement of your new fixtures. We are experienced LED lighting installers. We assist. homeowners and business owners with saving money by upgrading and installing LED lights inside and outside.

For more information on LED Lighting Installation or to schedule an appointment with one of our electricians, contact us or call us today at (863) 934-1337.

Benefits of Adding LED Lighting

  • Reduce energy consumption by installing LED Lights that use less power than a traditional light fixture.
  • Longer time between LED Light Replacement.
  • The LED Light is simply a tiny micro-chip surrounded by a high impact plastic cover so it’s much smaller than typical lights.
  • More Style because LED Lights loom more appealing with the type of lighting provided; light is focused more on a single direction vs a dispersed light source.

Please contact us or call us today at (863) 934-1337 for more information. We welcome new customers!

LED Lighting Installation Packages

  • LED Lighting Upgrades
  • Commercial LED Lighting
  • Residential LED Lighting
  • Outdoor LED Lighting
  • LED Lighting for Sinage
  • New LED Lighting Installation
  • Scheduled LED Lighting Maintenance


We guarantee our work, so you always have peace of mind and confidence in your investment. 

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