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"Keeping the Power Switched On"
"Keeping the Power Switched On"

Panel and Fuse Box Services

Your service panel determines how much power is available to deliver to all circuits, including wall outlets, appliances, lights, etc. When you upgrade your panel, you can distribute more power from your utility company to your devices and outlets. For example, if you recently purchased a new appliance that consumes more energy, you may need to upgrade your service to accommodate all its new features. And in the case of older homes and offices, you may need to upgrade or replace circuit breakers that are either outdated or need repairing. With a service panel upgrade, keep your home or office fully functional and safe from electrical issues. We can perform all aspects of electrical work, including bringing your home up to the current standard electrical code. Don’t wait until a problem arises.

For more information on a home evaluation of your service panel or to schedule an appointment with one of our electricians, contact us or call us today at (863) 934-1337.

Signs You Need a Service Panel Upgrade

Service Panels are like your average home appliance at some point in time they’;; become outdated. If your homme was built some time ago, it is very possible that your breaker wasn’t made for the electronics annd technology we use these days. Signs that it’s time to invest in your service panel upgrade include the following:

  • Circuit Breakers in your home trip.
  • Fuses keep blowing.
  • Your home doesn’t have GFCI Outlets where required.
  • Rooms don’t have enough outlets.
  • The Main Service Panel is rusty or worn out.
  • Running appliances causes the lights to dim.
  • Your outlets don’t take three-prong plugs.
  • Your home is over 25 years old.
  • You’ve seen crumbling wiring in the outlet boxes.

Look no further than Atline Electric. We’re a family-owned business with a record of proven success. When we’re in your home we treat it as if it were our home. Out team is trained and capable of installing your specific new wiring, service panel and fuse box.

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We guarantee our work, so you always have peace of mind and confidence in your investment. 

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